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Save 50%, Buy Cheap with Auction Program

Welcome to auction platform. Be part of our auction program and win big. It’s real! It’s fun! It’s easy! It’s amazing!!!! Online auction gives you the opportunity to buy products online at a cheaper rate. Just connect to the internet and start bidding from anywhere in the world. Do you have products to sell? Cease the opportunity and sell your products fast.

Our auction program showcases numerous products such as cars in different brands, electronics, accessories, home tools, fashion in different styles, services and lots more. We keep you updated every minute of the way. As a customer you can bid on any product of your interest and if you win, the product is yours. Are you new to auction program, below are some terms you’ll come across in an auction sale.


Sales open to the general public in which the highest bidder wins and the product is sold to him. It is open for everyone to bid.Each bid is expected to be higher than the previous and it keeps on ascending until the expected price is reached. Whoever bids the highest purchases the product.


An offer of payment which the bidder makes on a product. The buyer bids in an ascending other, proceeding from the lowest price. He bids and bids against several other bidders until the auctioneer announces the winner.


The intending buyer who offers the price he/she is willing to pay for a product. There are usually numerous bidders on one product who bid against one another.


How to participate in Auction program

To be part of our auction program you will have to become a member in kayceevenors,com. It’s easy and free. Simply click the register button and fill in the required information. With that you become a highly esteemed and valued member. We value your membership and respect your privacy so your information is safe with us.

Next, you log in. It’s ok to surf the site and familiarize yourself with the system. This way you get to know how things work. List your product if you are a seller. Be sure to describe your product as best as you can, then choose your preferred plan ranging from basic to silver. Once your payment is received, congratulations! Your auction goes live. Now it’s time to monitor your bidding  process and be sure to respond to all alerts.

How to list your products for kcv Auction Sales

  1. Log in to your account
  2. On your account click on create listing.
  3. Create your listing : click on listing description and describe your product and upload image of your product. Use the listing features to enhance your listing.
  4. Click on listing details and fill in the form appropriately. In the starting price bar put the price you wish to start with. In buy now price you wish to sell it. Fill in the quantity, reserve price and shipping price.
  5. Select the category and sub category for your product.
  6. Make your payment and your product is ready for bidding.