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How to Succeed with Online Auction Sales

The success of online auction sales lies in a few secrets. You just have to do it right. Online auction is a great way to make huge sales and walk home with lots of profit.  So how can you make profit from online auction business?  Here are the secrets

1st Step: Get Familiar with the Auction Site

A good way to start is to get familiar with the auction site. Take some time to surf through the auction site.  A good way to test it out is to be a bidder yourself. Bidding on little items will put you in the shoes of your would be customers and also boost your feedback rating. You don’t really have to spend a lot of money on this, just bid for cheap items.  This is a very good way to study the system and understand how it works.

Check through the auction items. Which products are you going to sell? Remember that selling of products is different from selling of services. In services, you sell what you’re good at, what you’re skillful at. But trading products doesn’t work that way. It got to be products consumers are interested in buying, items that are on high demand. So how do you get to know what items are getting the bids in an auction site like this one?

This is why I said you have to surf through the auction site and check the items.  What products have big market?  What key words do they use for high selling products? Find out what enhancements are available and how those work. How can they enhance your listing. Make use of advanced search to search for completed items as this will help you know what items actually sold and what price they sold for. This way you get to know if there is big market for products you’re interested in selling.

You’ve got to understand the rules that govern the site. So you need to read through the terms of service, study the user guide. How effective is their customer support? You need to be familiar with all of these before you start selling.

2nd step: Decide on what to sell

Now that you are familiar with the auction site, you already know which products are getting the bids. It’s now time to decide which product  you’ll settle for. Are you going for electronicsServices,tools, whatever. just make sure your choices have high profit margin. Selling services is an advantage because you don’t buy them and have to resell.You are the provider, so its all profit for you. Decide your starting price and at what price to close the bid so that both seller and bidder go home happy.

3rd Step: Set up your auction

What does it take to start selling your products in auction sites.  You need a computer and internet connection.  You need a digital camera. Having a scanner will be a good idea. Photos sell your products so you can’t overlook this.  Make sure your photos speak for you and once your photos are ready start listing.  Your title is equally important. Yes, your title and photo are what entice bidders. If your title isn’t worth it no one will stop to read your description. Describe your auction as best as you can. Make sure your description is very thorough and sincere. Research the item if need be to know all there is to know about it. Fill in the listing details and select a category where you auction fits in. Add listing features like images, videos, and any other thing that you dim fit.

Scale up your auction sales


You’ve given your auction item a befitting and catchy title. You’ve given a thorough, honest and well researched description of your product. Your galleries, title and description make your item enticing and now you’ve attracted the first few bidders. You have some winners. Getting future bidders depends on the feedback of your first bidders. So how do you ensure that these ones keep coming back? Remember as well that their feedback will attract other buyers.

What you should do is be sure to answer all of the questions sincerely and timely. Avoid saying only the good side of your product. You need to earn their trust. Shipping items to your customers timely is an important aspect of customer care. Follow up on them , ask if they have any questions regarding the item and if they like it. Always remember that positive feedback is the key to sales funnel. Nobody wants to buy from a seller with negative feedback. It’s not good for the site either. Take these to heart and happy auction sales.


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