How to Write a Great Product Title and Description for Kayceevendors Auction Sales

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How to Write Great Product Title and Description for Kayceevendors Auction Sales

Product descriptions are vital for auction sales, and of course eCommerce success in general.  How do you write a great product title and description for Kayceevendors auction and of course, in extension every other auction or eCommerce site?  I’ve emphasized this fact in my previous post and here now I’m taking my time to address it as a serious subject.  Why is Product title and description very important? Let’s find out the big deal about product title.

The advantages of good product title and description

  • Google loves fantastic product description and this means you stand a high chance of making it on first page of Google. Not only does Google like it, your customers do. This spells more sales for you.
  • Good product description makes your brand unique.
  • It boosts your ranking on search engines.
  • Good product description positively influences conversion.
  • It can move your visitors to action.
  • Good product description act as sales assistant. They guide the customer and help him choose the right product.

What are the characteristics of  good product description?

  • A good product description is seductive- It should move readers to click your buy now button.
  • A good product description will tell the buyer the benefits of your product. In the reader’s mind there is the question, “why should I buy this product?” Your description should convince the reader.
  • It should make the reader see the value of the product.
  • A good product description will include all details about the item such as size, color, capacity, durability, where the product is made, what it is made of and every other necessary detail. This adds credibility and helps sell your product.
  • Product description must not be less than 100 words.
  • The focus key words must be found in the first 160 characters. The additional keywords can be used to tell the story behind the product.


Writing good product title and description

Enough has been said about the importance of having a good product description. Now let’s see it in practical. What is an acceptable product description and how can you achieve it? Here we will look at some samples and analyze them. But first, we’ll begin with product title.


Writing good product title


A good product title should be short and full of descriptive words. A product title is not a how to presentation. It is not meant to teach how to use your product. To get your product title right, you’ve got to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, imagine yourself as the buyer. What would you like to know about the product? What questions are your buyers likely to ask about the product?

What is the color of the shoe? Flat or heel? What is it made of? Where is it made? Now let’s answer these questions.  The color is black, it’s flat, it is made of leather.  It is an Italian shoe. Now you have the product title.


Classic Ladies High Heel Open Toe Blue  Leather Italian  shoes



Writing  product description

Again here, the product description is not a how to task.  You are not going to tell the intending buyer how to wear her shoe, or where the TV buttons are located hand what each button is used for. The manufacturer has taken care of that in the instruction manual or user guide. Your descriptions should aim at convincing the customer that your product is the right one for him/her. You are expected to add other details that could not be contained in the title.


Let’s look at it this way, when you attend an interview, the interviewer asks you a lot of questions. All of these questions have only one objective which can be summed up in one key sentence, “Why should I hire you?” That’s all the interviewer wants to know.


Now let’s take it home. The buyer has a lot of questions to ask you about the benefit of buying your products, what he/she stands to gain. All of these questions can be summed up in one key sentence, “why should I buy your product?’ Now your description should leave the customer with a satisfying answer to his/her question. If your description does not convince him, he will walk away.

Important- convincing your customer is not about telling him lies about your product. It’s about guiding him and helping him decide whether your product is the right one for him. Tell him the good side of your product but never include what your product cannot offer. After all if your product isn’t what you claim it is you can be sure he will ask for refund and probably label you a spammer.


sample product description


Dress like a celebrity with these Classic celebrity shoes for standard ladies, ideal for weddings,
perfect for all your important occasion so you don’t have to worry over what to wear that
will match that gorgeous dress. High heeled shoes to give you perfect steps and good carriage,
ideal for both long and short dresses.Makes you stand out in the crowd and lift up your self esteem
and confidence. Colours available –blue, red and black, Sizes  – 38, 39 & 40.
Heel measures 3.5″. It is made with original leather with wood texture and adjustable buckle.
It is soft convenient and durable. Order it now only 10 pairs left.


Check out these screen shot from other site that share my thought:


Screen shot 1


Screen shot 2


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