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How Kayceevendors Auction Program Works


Having trouble using auction program? Do you want to understand how our auction program works? It’s OK keep reading. This post is an orientation course meant to put you through our auction system. So how does it work? Permit me to take you on a tour round the site and explain to you how each section works. I will also explain the key words used on this site as best as I can. So, ready? Come along with me. is an easy to use auction platform.  Are you surfing for the first time and wish to become more familiar with our auction system? Right then, your first step would be to become a user. A user is one who performs activities on a site such as buying, selling, commenting, etc.  Well then to become a user you need to register.  But before I take you to the registration page there’s something important you need to do. I’ll first lead you to our terms of service. It is very important that you read and understand it first. So let’s take you to the registration page.



There you are and this is how it looks.  Click the link and complete your registration. Be sure to use your favorite email address so you can check up your updates.  Also make sure you use a strong password and don’t forget to keep your account information safe.

Now you are a member, happy membership. Next you log in and begin to use our website. Read how to get familiar with the auction system. Now that you are familiar with the auction platform what would you like to do next?  Become a seller?  Right then it’s time to list your product. Now follow me to the navigation menu and click submit auction. First you ‘ll be taken to the payment option where you will enter the email address with which to receive your payment information. Save the request and you are taken to the listing page.












Now you’re there. This is where you list your product. So how do you do it? The marked areas are compulsory, so you must fill your product title and description in the best way you can.

Should you add key words? It’s not compulsory but it’s necessary. If you really want your products to appear on search engines then you should. Failure to add key words you risk your products being found by buyers on search engine and that means no sales. You’ve finished writing your product title and description and probably keywords. Great! But wait you’re not done yet. Add your listing details and. Select  listing category for your product. Then select listing attachment to add extra features to your product such as videos, images, music, and pdf files. Now you can hit save.Want to manage all of your activities on I’ll take you to my account.  Go to the navigation menu and click my account.




Now we’re there. Ok now how do you manage your account? Just take a second and look at it, it’s self explanatory right? You can create listing from here, view your listing, view your message, check your feedback,   and demand withdrawal and so on.

Do you want to become an affiliate? Then, go to the navigation menu again and click on affiliate area. Next click apply and fill in the form. Agree to terms and conditions and submit your application.

Visit our about page to know what we stand for. Have more questions? Our FAQ can help. Also check out our blog posts your issue may have already been discussed there. Want to hear from us directly? Then let’s have a life chat online. Click chat with Kayceevendors admins or visit our contact page and send us a personal message or give us a call.


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